Monday, 14 July 2014

National Council of Women of Victoria congratulates the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) and CEO Marnie Williams on its first year of operation

We have been following the government’s reforms to the taxi and hire car industry, with great interest, including the introduction of the Knowledge Test, new taxi zones, changes to the availability of taxi licences from July 1, 2014, and the on-line price notification system.

It is great to see that the information about these initiatives is now available to the wider community, through the TSC  website, and by signing  up to receive Taxi eNews. The TSC’s commitment to better communication is helpful not just for those working in the industry but also those who are the users of taxis in Victoria.

We note that the Knowledge Test is to be delivered by Genix as contractor, and the Knowledge Test includes a module on driver behaviour.  We hope that future versions of the sample questions in the driver behaviour section will make reference to the need for Respectful Behaviour towards women! And it is concern that as yet drivers in regional and country taxi zones and the country hire car zone are not required to pass the Knowledge test.